6 Weeks to Success!

If you are an individual who has experienced difficulty losing weight or who has lost weight in the past only to put it on again the 6 Weeks to Success program is here and waiting for you. This program is designed for individuals who want to control their eating and lose weight. During your 6 weeks you will work with our Wellness Coach and you will learn how to cope with your nutritional needs in a healthy way. Not only will you get a basic understanding of nutrition and healthy eating, you will also learn how food cravings, stress, and strong emotions can be managed without turning to food for comfort.

This program will allow you to work together as a team with your Wellness Coach to develop and plan for your nutritional success. Through this program you will change the way you think about food so that you can have healthier dietary habits for the rest of your life. Contact us immediately so you can start on your 6 Weeks to Success!

Recommended Ages

12 +


Ongoing sessions for individuals, families and groups.

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