Road Trip: Day 3

Today I traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to Salina, Kansas and while I had a WONDERFUL day of fitness and made some wise food choices I was constantly disturbed by how many unhealthy fellow Americans I am seeing. Every single time I go in a restaurant, stop at a store, a gas station, and check […]

Road Trip: Day 2

Today I left ¬†Ohio and drove through Indiana and Illinois before making it to my hotel in St. Louis Missouri. The high point of today was it was DEFINITELY a better fitness day. I got in a morning jog, an late afternoon swim, and an AMAZING evening walk around the Gateway Arch but SADLY the […]

Mindful Monday

If you have a wellness goal you must always be mindful of the actions you need to do to make that goal a reality. Think positive thoughts. Make wise decisions and DO the work you need to do to get the results you want.

Road Trip: Day 1

So today I left Lancaster, PA to begin my cross country road trip to Tempe, Arizona. I spent over 8 hours in the car, ate poorly, and didn’t get a decent workout in all day long. Luckily, it is only Day 1. Here is to hoping the traffic, food, & fitness options are better on […]

Set-up Sunday!

Think of your week ahead & then plan for success. Plan your meals, workouts, & how you will AVOID each and every single thing that will try to sidetrack you from reaching your goals. It is a new week. Make it a SUCCESSFUL one.

Road Trip Set Up!

In the morning I’ll be hitting the road for 2 weeks and the car is all prepped and ready to go BUT here are my big questions. What will my road workouts look like? Am I going to follow my diet as well on the road as I do at home? As a non-meat eater […]

Saturday Sabotage

Do you know why it is so hard for you to eat right and control your weight? How many of you wake up to busy days and limited time for physical activity? FACT: Many of us have daily obstacles that get in the way of our wellness goals. We also live in a world where […]

Friday FUNday!

Alright people each of us need to do one of these when we get to the gym today. I might go with the singing or chest pounding. Wishing you all a day full of health & happiness! Let the weekend begin!

Thursday Tip of the Day

Do you know what time works best for you to get a daily workout in? Scheduling your workout can truly help you with your fitness goals. Example: You put your workout on your calendar every single day of the week. Life does something to mess with that plan 1 or 2 times that week BUT […]

Think Happy Thoughts!

I just had a REALLY happy moment and it made me wonder What makes us happy? I think I am going to put together a Happy List so when I’m down in the future I can remember how to pick myself up. Wishing you all a Healthy & HAPPY Day.