Weight Loss “magic” Does NOT Exist!

If you aren’t losing weight and getting fit the secret is to STOP sabotaging your wellness plans by trying every fad diet and “magic” weight loss product. Another BIG secret, the fairy godmother of weight loss was killed by the evil queen, now all we have is hard work and commitment, Dopey doesn’t know this […]

What are you afraid of?

In life we can let our fears control us or we can overcome them and have new experiences. Life is short. Take a chance. Live without ever regretting what you didn’t try. Let your fears fuel you NOT cripple you.

A New Week!

Life threw a lot of crap my way last week and this is what happened. ‪ #‎Diet‬ was BAD. ‪#‎Workouts‬ not so much. ‪ #‎Rest‬ VERY little and never good. So what am I doing today? I’m STARTING OVER! Why? Because every single day that we wake up it’s an opportunity to do life a […]

Knowledge is Power

Whether you are trying to drop #weight, gain #muscle, or trying to meet any other #wellness goal you should NOT sabotage yourself by following bad advice or fads. Respect your body. Learn how it works. Then train and eat to make YOUR goals. Knowledge + Hard Work = Success

Your Wellness Goals

Your #wellness goals are only wellness dreams unless you are ready to plan for your success. Here are 3 simple things you can ask yourself this week to fix that: 1. What is my meal plan for the week? 2. When and where will I workout? 3. How will I get enough sleep? Set yourself […]

Why do you want to be healthier?

What is your motivation for losing weight and exercising? The only good answer to that question is that YOU want to be happier and healthier. That is why you should NEVER allow your decisions about your body to be influenced by others. Love yourself regardless of what the scale currently says, true and positive change […]

Set-Up Sunday: Valentine’s Week

This week comes with the love guilt fest of ‪#‎ValentinesDay‬, which is a day that is meant to make you feel totally crappy if you don’t do the “right thing” for the one you love. You know because loving them doesn’t count unless it comes with chocolate, dinner, diamond rings … Well here is my […]

Set-up Sunday

As you are preparing for the week here is a simple tip DON’T be afraid to eat GOOD fats. FACT: Good fats are filling and they can actually help curb overeating. So PLEASE stop putting nuts, nut butters, avocados, oils … in the “they have too many calories” category. Trust me the good, clean, calories […]

Set-up for Life!

Once upon a time there was a number that I desperately craved to see on the scale. It was a number that was my “happy place” number. When I was extremely overweight, out of shape, and depressed it was the number that reminded me of better days. So guess what? This morning I weighed in […]