Will you be fearful of FEARLESS???

Do you ever notice how often your own fear stops you from trying new things? I often hear things like “I don’t want people to look at me in the weight room, some of the equipment at the #gym scares me, …” From now on DON’T let your fear sabotage your #wellness goals, be fearless!

A New Week! A New Plan!

As you are planning for your week why don’t you take a moment and REALLY think about your #health and #fitness goals with these guidelines. DECIDE on a SOLID plan. COMMIT to this plan. Then CELEBRATE when you finally SUCCEED and reach your goals.

Weight Loss “magic” Does NOT Exist!

If you aren’t losing weight and getting fit the secret is to STOP sabotaging your wellness plans by trying every fad diet and “magic” weight loss product. Another BIG secret, the fairy godmother of weight loss was killed by the evil queen, now all we have is hard work and commitment, Dopey doesn’t know this […]