What are you afraid of?

In life we can let our fears control us or we can overcome them and have new experiences. Life is short. Take a chance. Live without ever regretting what you didn’t try. Let your fears fuel you NOT cripple you.

A New Week!

Life threw a lot of crap my way last week and this is what happened. ‪ #‎Diet‬ was BAD. ‪#‎Workouts‬ not so much. ‪ #‎Rest‬ VERY little and never good. So what am I doing today? I’m STARTING OVER! Why? Because every single day that we wake up it’s an opportunity to do life a […]

Knowledge is Power

Whether you are trying to drop #weight, gain #muscle, or trying to meet any other #wellness goal you should NOT sabotage yourself by following bad advice or fads. Respect your body. Learn how it works. Then train and eat to make YOUR goals. Knowledge + Hard Work = Success