Selfish or Self-love???

Many of us have heard a version of the phrase “You need to love yourself before you can love somebody else” BUT then life happens and we put so many things before our needs that we are eventually so lost in other peoples lives that we are not fully living our own. My Opinion: It […]

What does healthy look like?

At my highest weight I was a woman slightly under 5″6″ that was 188 LBS, which was just unhealthy. It also left me unhappy, clinically depressed, and not able to function as well as I did once upon a time. Basically I WAS MISERABLE and I didn’t look good, or feel good. I need to […]

Better Late Than Never

My FUNDAY is starting off with a celebration moment because the FDA is finally supporting a #healthy option. The funny of this is even McDonald’s knew it was best to remove trans fat almost a decade ago. Thank you FDA for supporting health, better late than never.  

You want results???

I constantly hear people talk about what they “tried” in the way of diet and exercise but those that have successfully reached their goals didn’t just try, they worked, and they continue to work, and they continue to set new goals, and then they work on those. Your #Wellness does not require trying it requires […]