Your health tip for the day!

Do you ever dream anymore? Do you move through life or are you LIVING life? Here is your health tip for the day DREAM, LAUGH, & LIVE! Our “health” depends on so much more than what we eat and what we do in the gym. It depends on us #livinglifetothefullest

Mindful Monday

When you look at where you are on your wellness path you need to be mindful of the fact that if you are in a place where you are not feeling your best, chances are your decisions got you there. Each action, negative and positive, comes with a consequence so #makemindfulchoices or suffer the consequences. […]

Set-Up Sunday!

Have you ever realized that once you master the skills of committing to a fitness and diet lifestyle that these same skills of organization and control CAN and WILL improve other areas of your life. Imagine the bonus of having tighter buns and tighter finances, or healthy food choices and healthy relationships. When you get […]

Breaking a plateau

Right now I am setting myself up to break through the no loss (weight) no gain (muscle) plateau that I have been on. During the course of my 30+ pounds of weight loss journey I have been here a few times already but these last 10 pounds that I need to drop are truly making […]