Avoiding Self Sabotage

Do you have a magic number on the scale that sets off a little warning alert in your head? I believe setting a hard limit for yourself is a GREAT thing to do. Example: You lost weight and made it to 198 lbs, now commit to NEVER being over 200 again and then set your […]

Set-up Sunday!

 WHY is it so hard to eat right? You know that eating right will help you maintain a healthy weight. You know that watching what you eat helps you meet your goals in the gym. You also know that a healthy diet may even protect you against a bunch of health conditions. So WHY is […]

Wednesday Weigh-in!

As much as one may want to believe this is true, it IS NOT. Here is the secret. There is NO secret. Calories In “vs” Calories Out. That is it, DONE. Oh and I’m pretty sure sock gnomes don’t exist either, sorry to keep hitting you with bad news.

Set-up Sunday!

Do you have a solid plan for when, where, and how you will get your workout in? Recently I have heard too many people say “I just can’t get to the gym” Well guess what I just can’t get there on occasion either BUT I still get my workouts in. Core routines, running, walking, playground […]

Sabotage Saturday!

Are you having any sabotaging thoughts in your head? Do you say things like “It’s the weekend and I deserve to relax,” “AHHHH I don’t want to think about healthy eating,” or “FOOTBALL is on I NEED wings and beer”… Remember living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you NEVER take time off, or occasionally […]

Thursday Tip!

When you need some comfort does it typically come in the form of food? Yesterday I was REALLY having a stressful day and all I could think about was CANDY! Chocolate, swedish fish, … Then I STOPPED, thought, and questioned “Was candy going to make my day better?” NO! So I brewed some mint tea, […]

Tuesday Tip!

The last weekend of the summer is done. As of today we have 119 days left until the end of the year. What does that mean? It means that WE ALL still have time to reach those wellness goals we made for 2013. Just focus, plan, and start!