Tuesday Tip!

How many BAD workouts have you had? How many diets have you tried with NO success? How many times did you just want to quit? Guess what ALL of those experiences can and will make you stronger and wiser, as long as you are willing to learn from them. Very few of us truly appreciate […]

Work Required!

Wellness takes work & many types of work require tools for you to be successful. So if you aren’t prepared to weigh, measure, and CONTROL your portions, you might not be doing the required work. DON’T be fooled! Most fit and healthy people WORK really hard to be and stay that way.

Wednesday Weigh-in!

Wednesday Weigh-in: How many of you have ever been doing AWESOME with your weight loss plan and then BAM you just get stuck? For those of us that are trying to loss significant weight this can happen over and over again until we finally make it to our final goal BUT we just CAN’T give […]

Tuesday Tip!

EVERY single time you exercise and eat well amazing things are occurring in your body. Keep working hard and you will eventually see successful results. Just ALWAYS remember all growth and change needs to begin with the planting of the seeds, so eat well, exercise, & be rewarded with health & happiness.

Mindful Monday!

REALLY concentrate and appreciate the food that your eating and your workout today. DON’T just go through the motions of eating and working out. DON’T treat your health as a chore. Doing that causes disconnect between your body and mind. Being healthy and fit is a precious gift, treat it as one.

Set-up Sunday!

As you are preparing for your week I want you to think of 1 dietary change that will help you in your weight loss and wellness goals. Recently I started drinking only clear teas and water and while the initial week was SO HARD, now all I think about is how much better off I […]

Saturday Sabotage!!!

Before you try to convince yourself that it’s the weekend and you deserve some “treats” REMEMBER that while you may be able to fool your mind into thinking those weekend “treats” are OK, you’re never going to be able to fool your body. Your body knows a calorie is a calorie and it doesn’t care […]

Slow and Steady Gets the Job Done!

How long did it take you to gain weight or get out of shape? It most likely didn’t just “magically” happen overnight. It was a process AND guess what reversing that will also be a PROCESS. So if you want to lose 20 POUNDS for the wedding you are invited to next week I say […]