Tuesday Tip

Doing the right thing with your diet & exercise program 100% of the time is almost impossible. BUT if you shoot for 100% and get it done at least 80 or 90% of the time you will be looking & feeling AWESOME!

Road Trip: Almost Done!

Last night I arrived in Las Vegas, NV from the Grand Canyon and being off the road for a few days is AWESOME! My final road trip driveĀ  will now just be from Las Vegas to Tempe, AZ on Thursday to reunite with my LugoFit partner. Then I will head back to PA on Sunday, […]

Mindful Monday

We all have the power to make wise and unwise choices BUT those of us that learn from our unwise choices are happier and healthier in the long run. Forgive yourself for your unwise choices. Learning from them is healthier than regretting them. Wishing you all a happy & healthy day!

Road Trip: Day 7

I’m currently still on the road because my time in Monument Valley went a little over because everything there was AMAZING! My GPS is saying I will get to my hotel in the Grand Canyon in 1.5 hours and I am SO looking forward to a hot shower and some sleep. In all honesty I […]

Road Trip: Day 6

Today I traveled from Grand Junction, CO to Blanding, UT and I had a FABULOUS stop in Moab, UT. While my day will NOT win any awards for my physical health, mostly because deep fried green beans are NOT on the LugoFit diet plan, it DEFINITELY scores BIG for improving my mental health. The sheer […]

Road Trip: Day 5

Day 5 on the road has officially ended and I am now in Grand Junction, CO. The last 48 hours have been my 1st time in Colorado and all I can say is WOW! The amazing scenery is enough to bring me back again in the near future. I can also easily understand why the […]

Road Trip: Day 4

Today I drove from Kansas to Colorado and it was an amazing day. Perfect clear skies, not brutally hot, and scenery that was occasionally breathtaking. I really LOVED coming down I70 and seeing Denver and the Rocky Mountains ahead of me. Driving cross country is an experience that if you ever have the chance or […]

Wednesday Weigh-in

Have you heard the recent news about how unhealthy it could be for a man to skip breakfast? I’m just guessing but I think a study like this would also find the same might be true for women. Eat your breakfast folks!http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/men-skip-breakfast-face-heart-attack-risk-study-article-1.1406591

Road Trip: Day 3

Today I traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to Salina, Kansas and while I had a WONDERFUL day of fitness and made some wise food choices I was constantly disturbed by how many unhealthy fellow Americans I am seeing. Every single time I go in a restaurant, stop at a store, a gas station, and check […]